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The story

In the beginning of the nineties Jens Lindgård and Petter Lindgård played horns in a number of local bands around Malmö. 94 Jens and Petter took up guitar and drums and started to play pop songs together with David, who Petter had met at a jazz school. After some time an eight track demo was recorded and in the early spring of 96 the Mopeds were signed to the new label Vibrafon.

Vibrafon didn't want the Mopeds to sound like anything else so they simply opened the doors to the studio and let the band record on their own. In January 97 the brilliant debut EP "Hände Hoch" was released. The song Lizard became a hit and was one of the most played songs on national radio for a couple of weeks.

Following releases were the three track singles "Life's too short to hurry" and "Kid is alright" and in early 98 their classic first album: "The hills are alive with the sound of mopeds". The album was also released in Japan, where Lizard once again got heavy radio rotation.

The following two years Vibrafon was involved in affairs with different record labels and all releases were cancelled. The last thing to leave independent Vibrafon was the Mopeds' three track single "She went boom" in the autumn of 99. This was at the same time as Patrik Bartosch started playing with the band live.

In the spring of year 2000 the bridge between Sweden and Denmark was ready and during the fall that same year Crunchy Frog and the Mopeds started making plans for a new release. The first Moped CD to leave the Copenhagen pop centre was "Steppin' on fire", followed by the 2001 album "the Land of the three". The single Dina tried her silverbow got a fantastic video made by the danish dynamic duo "Spild af tid". The video was not played at MTV because of too much sex, drugs, alcohol and Strobolights. They had to recut it 4 times then MTV played it after 9 pm. After this record it took 4 years to finish a new one. During this time the mopeds built a new studio and started to work more seriously as producers and engineers for other artists.

Finally in April 2005 FORTISSIMO was released. It's a 11 song strong album which was mixed as loud as possible by the great brothers at Crunchy Frog; Jesper Reginald and the great nalna . Live the mopeds now perform with 5 people,
Sven Andersson on baryton saxophone and Petter Holmberg on sologuitar are soon to be real members of the group.

Since 99 the mopeds are running their own studio together with 2 other friends, Marco Maineri and Sebastian Borg. The studio is called GULA Studion (check out on The studio is highly respected for its great sound and has been used by for example Marit Bergman, The Cardigans, Junior Senior, the Mo, Franz Ferdinand, the Gospel, the Revs, Bazookahosen, Suede,Abossa Electrica, Miss Universum, De Stijl and Bonnie Pink.

Jens and Petter are well known session musicians and horn arrangers. Their horn section, Hello Bobbadee Horns, can be heard on recordings with bob hund, the Cardigans, Eggstone, Tom Jones, Roxette, Ulf Lundell, st Etienne, and many more. Recently you have heard them play with the band Damn! (check out and timbuktu.

David is exept from the mopeds playing and developing the art of freeform jazz. Check out his bands LIM and AORTA. He also have recorded and mixed jazz records with Plunge, Mattias Carlsson abossa electrica, Miriam Aida and others.